"Shared Streetscape" Turns Winchester Streets Into Art Gallery

Submitted by Council Chair on Tue, 11/17/2020 - 12:48

The new Winchester Cultural District is seeing a flowering of artworks this month, thanks to a grant obtained by the town from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The Shared Street Grant program, which helps pay for the traffic barriers, new pedestrian ramps, cycling infrastructure, and other downtown improvements which define temporary new sidewalk cafes at Winchester restaurants, includes funding to place art on those traffic barriers. This outdoor gallery showcases beautiful, colorful work by several Winchester painters and photographers, created especially for the venue.

The artworks are painted or printed on canvas and then attached to the barriers. They can be removed when the barriers are taken down for the winter, stored, and brought out again for display in the spring.

Participating artists include Jessica Clark and students from Studio on the Common, Teri Coté, Kristine Kamikawa, Denise Konicek, Lucia Rubini, Kiyomi Yatsuhashi; Winchester High School students Ananya Dalal, Yona Levine, Joyce Li, and Amy Wang; Lily He, from the Winchester School of Chinese Culture; and photographer extraordinaire Bob Hesse; with a special contribution from Acera School students of Estée Hill. Come stroll downtown and enjoy their work in front of A Tavola, Black Horse Tavern, First House Pub, The Spot, and Ristorante Lucia.

The exhibition continues, snow or shine, until the barriers are removed on Dec. 1.

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