Winchester Cultural Council Microgrant Program

The Winchester Cultural Council Microgrant Program offers Winchester residents the opportunity to request small sums of money to engage in cultural activities throughout the year. Applications are accepted at any time, and decisions are generally made within a month after receiving the request.


  • Applicants must be Winchester residents or Winchester-based organizations
  • Grant amounts are between $50 and $300
  • Grant funding must be for programs in the arts, humanities, and sciences, as defined by the Mass Cultural Council
  • Grant programs must benefit the public; projects with a greater public benefit will be given priority
  • All grant programs must be freely accessible to the public, with no more than a nominal admission charge
  • Funding
    • May be used to pay outside artists, teachers, or speakers
    • Cannot duplicate other government services, and so cannot be used to pay town employees to do their regular jobs
    • Cannot be used for capital expenses (durable items); but can be used for project supplies
    • Cannot be used for other WCC-funded grant projects (a microgrant project must "stand alone")
  • Winchester Cultural Council members and their immediate families are not eligible to apply for microgrants or to receive microgrant funding
  • Project must be completed promptly (ordinarily within 6 months of approval)
  • The WCC has the right to publicize the grant and event
  • Following project completion, the applicant must send a brief report to the WCC including, as appropriate, a description, photos, clippings, comments, videos, links, or other related materials



  • If approved, applicant will receive funding after completing the grant agreement
  • WCC may at its discretion postpone consideration of an application; if so, applicants will be notified
  • Rejected applications may be submitted for reconsideration
  • Changes to the project require written approval from the WCC
  • Microgrant funding is limited, and grant consideration might need to be suspended at certain times

Note that grant recipients must provide tax ID information, and grant funds may be considered taxable income.


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