Utility Box Art Enlivens Winchester

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The first-ever Winchester utility box art program is now on display throughout the town. Five artists, under the sponsorship of the Winchester Cultural Council, painted seven utility boxes over the summer of 2023. The art brings a touch of beauty to what had been a utilitarian street object and gives these local artists a showcase for their creativity and skill. The artists are Adam Adkison, Mary Grassi, Lucia Rubini, Meghan Sheehan, and Joyce Westner.

Shown here are photographs of the completed utility box designs.

Joyce Westner painted the box on the Town Common, at Laraway and Waterfield Roads.


Meghan Sheehan painted two boxes. One, at the Skillings baseball field, has a baseball theme—a ball and “W” logo on one side and baseball players on the other sides.

Meghan's second box, at the Main Street Rotary, is a local business scene of a bookshop with titles by local authors in the windows, flower shop, and cafe.

Mary Grassi decorated the box on Lake Street at Main Street (across from Stop & Shop) with marigolds.


Lucia Rubini painted two boxes on Washington Street. The one just north of Swanton Street features birds against a blue sky.

Lucia's second box, near Cross Street, is a colorful peacock.

Adam Adkison painted the box at the corner of Skillings Road and Washington Street (across from the Jenks Center) with the silhouette of Town Hall outlined against a luminescent sky. The sides of the box feature painted flowers.

We thank all of their artists for their lasting contributions to our town!

The Cultural Council plans to continue the program in Summer 2024, and is compiling a list of possible locations. There are a great many possibilities for the future.

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