Big Night: Art in August receptions begin August 11

by Bob Hesse, Winchester Artists. Network (WAN)

Tomorrow is our first night of receptions for Art in August, and it’s BIG! All receptions run from 6-8 pm.

Clark Care, 533 Main St.

A new host for A in A and a lovely space for painters Mildred Fischer and Doris Surette. Both are long time WAN members but have never had a reception. Lots of inspiration here. Mildred began painting at the Jenks Center when she was 69. Now, 19 years later, she’s going strong and enjoying every minute. It’s never too late to turn to art. Doris paints with everything on everything. Neither age nor accidents keep her from brush and easel. At receptions and shows I often hear from someone whose kid was shown how to paint by that “Lady on Mt. Vernon St.” That’s Doris!

Soluna Garden Farm, 600 Main St.

A past supporter, a space with a delightful scent to compliment the exquisite jewelry of longtime WAN member Wendy Jo New. It’s hard to imagine how much wonder and beauty can be packed in such tiny things and how much impact they can add. Wendy’s work must be seen to be believed.

Studio on the Common, 22 Church St.

What can I say, a brand new, vibrant art space for Winchester. Owner Gail Freeman, has been a major force for the return of Art in August and is host to 3 remarkable artists.

  • Tony Fenn began to paint when given a paint set for Xmas not very long ago and, self-taught, was creating masterpieces shortly there after. Subsequent studies have enriched but not veiled his unique, vital style. If you doubt digital fine art, I think his recent iPad (Procreate) paintings will give you a new respect for digital media.
  • Michiko Katsumi is a founding WAN member who hasn’t shown for quite a while. Her wonderfully composed, quietly engaging collages from deconstructed and reconstructed garments explore ideas of time, impermanence, structure, and identity.
  • Carolyn Latanision is quite simply one of the finest watercolorists I have encountered. Her works display an incredible sense of place and character along with a seemingly effortless traverse of technical challenges. The more you know, the more you see, the more you are amazed.

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