Winchester’s Winter Fiesta a Smashing Success!

Winchester’s Winter Fiesta, held by the Winchester Cultural Council and FANSplash on Saturday evening, was a spirited success. Over 200 Winchester residents took a fun break from the dismal weather Saturday evening at the town hall auditorium, festively decorated with hundreds of balloons, pinatas, flowers, and real and inflatable cacti. The sounds of the Tequila Amigos latin orchestra and the fresh margaritas warmed up the crowd.

The Fiesta’s proceeds benefit the WCC and FANSplash. Says Don Daniel, WCC chair, “we invited FANSplash to partner with us in organizing this event because there are so many great fundraising efforts happening now in town. By joining forces, Winchester’s Winter Fiesta was truly a win-win for both organizations, and for all the Winchester residents our missions benefit.” FANSplashheld a successful naming rights auction, hosted by Allan Eyden, to raise funds for the splash park at Borgaarrd Beach. Eyden even added an impromptu auction item: to have drinks served to the winner’s table by State Representative Jason Lewis.

The WCC raised funds to nearly double their annual budget allocated by the state, which they will grant to projects in Winchester to expand cultural opportunities for residents. Donna Campbell, WCC member, said, “I’m so excited next year we can fund twice the grants we normal do.”


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